Quotes and true words from and about actors

The carrier of an actor is divided in three sections:

"Who the fuck is tis guy?"

"There he is!"


"My gosh, he is still alive?"


Eine Schauspielerkarriere läßt sich in drei Abschnitte einteilen:

”Wer ist der denn?“

”Da ist er!“


”Mein Gott, lebt der auch noch?“


I am actor and I know what a strange job it is and how neurotic you become. But women are much more neurotic. (Robert Downey jr.)

These jobs make you sexy for the ladies. Happy to be an actor. 

"Actors are a bit more sensitive than other people, a bit more scared, a bit more childlike, mostly childish, a bit more clever, a bit more stupid, a bit more happy, a bit more sad, a bit more vainly, a bit more megalomaniac. Just normal people, but everything just a bit more."


Nothing more to say. I just love this guy!

"It´s all about drama or comedy.

I could be a comedy, if it wasn´t such a drama."

(Michael Jäger 2015)

Es geht nur um Drama oder Komödie.

Es könnte eine Komödie sein, wenn es nicht so ein Drama wäre.

(Michael Jäger 2015)